Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 16 Days

Hamilton is actively rehabbing his right shoulder after undergoing surgery in February, Alden Gonzalez of reports.

It's no secret that Hamilton has more important things than baseball to worry about at the moment, but general manager Jerry Dipoto said the 33-year-old has taken at least one round of batting practice this spring. There is no word on when the decision on his suspension for using drugs of abuse will be rendered, but it will be hard to speculate as to when he will play ball again until we know what type of punishment he will face.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 22 Days

A decision on Hamilton's suspension could come as early as next week, according to Fox Sports.

There has been no word as to an exact date when a decision will be made, but a source said that the league would likely have the matter settled before Opening day. The length of the suspension is not firm at this point, with proposed penalties ranging from 15 days to a full season. An arbitrator is currently deciding whether Hamilton will enter into a treatment program, which would likely entitle him to what amounts to $6.2 million of the $25 million he is owed this season if he remains there for 60 days, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 22 Days

An arbitrator will decide whether Hamilton (shoulder) will enter into a treatment program after admitting to drug abuse, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Hamilton is set to face a suspension of some length after admitting to a relapse, but the terms have yet to be set. A four-person panel was tasked to decide whether Hamilton would enter into a treatment program, but a deadlocked vote has necessitated the input of an arbitrator. The decision will be significant for the Angels, as Hamilton, who is scheduled to make $25 million this season, would get his full salary for the first 30 days of the program, and half his salary for the next month. The Angels are not required to pay him if he does not enter such a program. Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reported that there isn't likely to be a decision regarding the suspension any time soon, which raises the question of how much time Hamilton will see on the field in 2015.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 28 Days

Hamilton is likely to be suspended at least 25 games for his recent drug relapse, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports report.

There are several moving parts when it comes to the eventual length of Hamilton's suspension. Because of the pro-active way in which Hamilton went about this, he'll reportedly be treated as a first time offender and the penalty for that is supposed to be between 15 and 25 games. However, this is definitely not Hamilton's first offense, so he'll probably receive more than that. Morosi and Rosenthal additionally report that the commissioner's office have a favorable view of Hamilton and the MLBPA will appeal any penalty deemed too harsh. There are plenty of reasons to believe that he'll get at least 25 games, but also plenty of reasons to believe it won't be too much more than that.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 29 Days3 Comments

Hamilton, who is already dealing with a shoulder injury, is believed to have had a relapse, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports.

Hamilton did not actually fail a drug test, according to Heyman, so he'll effectively enter the program as a first-time offender, leaving his ultimate fate in the hands of the commissioner. He met with MLB disciplinary officials in New York on Wednesday, but no official decision has been reached yet. The 33-year-old slugger should find out his fate in short order, but at this point, it's looking unlikely that he'll take the field until very late in 2015 -- whether it be due to health or disciplinary issues.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 29 Days

Hamilton, who is already out with an injured shoulder, is meeting with MLB officials in New York about a disciplinary issue, the LA Times reports.

The specifics of Hamilton's hearing have not been disclosed yet, but he could be facing a possible suspension. "I can say that Josh is going to meet with league officials in New York," Angels GM Jerry Dipoto said. "At this point I have no other information to offer."

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 1 Month

Hamilton (shoulder) could miss a month longer than initially expected, the Los Angeles Times reports.Hamilton was initially slated for a six-to-eight week timetable, but now it apparently could reach as far as 12 weeks, which could move his return back to May. The expectations on the situation remain unclear at this point, but prospective owners should note the possibility of a later return.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 1 Month

Hamilton, who recently underwent surgery to repair the AC joint in his right shoulder, will rehab in Houston until an unspecified time, Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports.Hamilton had surgery in early February, with an expected recovery timetable of six-to-eight weeks. That leaves him highly questionable to be ready for Opening Day, and it probably isn't a great sign that he's expected to stay in Houston for a while. The candidates to benefit from extra at-bats in Hamilton's absence include Matt Joyce, Colin Cowgill and Efren Navarro.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 2 Months

Hamilton underwent successful surgery to repair the AC joint in his right shoulder Wednesday, Alden Gonzalez of reports.

The Angels scheduled the procedure after Hamilton's right shoulder, which limited him throughout most of September, began acting up again during workouts this past week. The hope is that Hamilton will be able to resume baseball activities in about a month, but a full recovery has been estimated at 6-to-8 weeks, meaning there's a very good chance the team will have to turn elsewhere in left field to begin the season.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 2 Months

Hamilton (shoulder) is expected to open the season on the DL, Alden Gonzalez of reports.

Surgery to repair the AC joint in Hamilton's right shoulder is set for Wednesday, with a full recovery estimated at 6-to-8 weeks. While that timetable would seem to leave a sliver of hope for Opening Day, GM Jerry Dipoto said that is "probably a little aggressive." After missing nearly all of spring training, Hamilton will likely need a minor league rehab assignment before potentially returning later on in April.