chrisdye Jan 25 '79

First off, great site. I love all the options available. One cool feature I like is the weather update. It gives you a quick look at possible delays/postponements. One option I think would be cool to add is an indication for probable starting pitchers. It's my first year here so if it's already available please let me know how to find it.

Thanks again,



chrisdye Jan 25 '79

Awesome. Thanks guys!

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 25 '79

Thanks, Chris.

Welcome to Fleaflicker.

Yes, we'll denote starting pitchers 5 days in advance at least for the season (still too early for us to start -- we'll start a few days before the season).

To see them...

Head to your roster, change the view on the right side to "schedule," they'll be there in a magenta/purple color under the opp for the day they're starting. You can hover over the magenta and it will show projected starter as well in text:

beefyjerk Jan 25 '79

There is a probable starter indicator. When the opponent team name a pitcher is facing is red text, instead of the default blue, that indicates the pitcher is the probable starter. Hope this helps!