Pwingles May 05 '79

I would like my 12 teamer to be 3 divisions as opposed to 2, how do i change that?


FleaMod Admin May 05 '79

Yes, head to League>>Settings>>Edit League Size

You can read the answer to that and all many FAQ on our Owner's Manual here --

Thanks for joining Fleaflicker and let me know what else I can help you with.

Mace7 Jun 06 '79

I looked at the Owners Manual but still don't understand how to go to 3 divisions. The options are 1, 2, or 4 divisions.

beerman731 Jun 06 '79


FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 06 '79

Select 4 divisions, only fill 3 of them, and the 4th one will disappear post draft.