ModiinMonsters May 02 '79

I think you have ranked Gronkowski to high. He is ranked 23 (2nd round) and he may start the season on PUP. That is way to high. The highest he should be ranked is 3rd round. You have to take his risk into consideration. I know it is just a rank for our benit but my league is a keeper dynasty league and we give each player a draft round value based on your rankings. Please fix this.


FleaMod Admin May 04 '79

Fleaflicker actually does not use an algorithm, ADP values or aggregates of values for their rankings. They are ranked by our staff with NFL experience based on numerous factors, much like other sites do. We make changes as we see fit. You can always add your suggestions and feedback if you disagree, though we won't get into discourse ever over a player's rank through here or email.

ModiinMonsters May 04 '79

Thanks. That is what I thought. Please reconsider Gronks ranking. The guy is not healthy yet

FleaMod Admin May 04 '79

He was changed a few days ago I believe into the high 40s and dropped in TE rank.

BlackOmega May 05 '79

That's a surprise to hear that, wouldn't it be simpler to simply set up an algorithm that tracks all drafts and assigns an ADP value based on where a player is actually being drafted {i.e. let the market set the value} It would need a few basic rules to account for league size and IDP vs non-IDP but it would save the staff having to manually rank players

ModiinMonsters May 04 '79

Please see below on Gronk status;

"Patriots placed TE Rob Gronkowski (back, forearm surgeries) on the active/PUP list."

He needs to go down in your rankings. No site on this planet has him ranked 2nd round. Please correct.

BlackOmega May 04 '79

Ranks are based on an aggregate of where folks are drafting him, if you feel he's ranked too high don't draft him there. The only place where he could be "moved down" in rankings would be forums where talking heads gather. In a place like fleaflicker it's pure democracy in action, rankings are based on actual draft numbers, fleaflicker doesn't "assign" the rankings. Obviously lots of folks still think Gronk is a guy to have!